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Give someone the powerful gift of writing.

Give to Write Around Portland.

Join Inkwell, our monthly and quarterly sustaining donors.

$25/month sends a new writer to a ten week workshop. The writer will receive a writing journal, pen, bus tickets, childcare and the experience of writing in community, the pride of seeing their words in print for the first time, and the power of sharing their stories.

$10/month provides childcare for a ten-week workshop. This gives low income parents the opportunity to take time to experience writing in community and their children to experience the joy and connection of their parents as writers.

$15/quarter provides bus tickets to and from each workshop for three people who are 65 and older, on Medicare or living with a disability. Without bus tickets, our workshops would not be accessible to many people.

A one-time gift of:

$35 Provides weekly personalized feedback postcards to workshop participants

$50 Provides a new writer with a writing journal, pen, bus tickets, and published anthology

$100 Provides anthologies to 10 of our published writers

$300 Sponsors one new writer for a ten week workshop

$1,000 Hosts a community reading for more than 200 people to cap off the workshops

$3,000 Underwrites a full ten-week workshop


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Donate online. For more information, click on the Donate Now box at the top of this page.

Call Write Around Portland Development Director Beth White at 503.796.9224. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Request a donation form by e-mail:

Mail your check or credit card information to:
Write Around Portland 133 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 304, Portland, OR 97204


When you donate to Write Around Portland, you are eligible to make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust and receive a 100% tax credit for your contribution. Find out more at Oregon Cultural Trust and learn how the tax credit works.


For additional information about donating to Write Around Portland, contact Beth White, Development Director, at 503.796.9224.

Write Around Portland is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (Tax ID number: #841482706). All contributions are tax deductible.


133 SW 2nd Ave, Suite 304, Portland, OR 97204



"Consider your donation to Write Around Portland a gift to the well-being of Portland itself."

- Willamette Week